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770 Romesberg Road, Hyndman, PA 15545          (814) 324-4321

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The Cattery Your Furry Feline Will Enjoy Our Summertime Cat Pagoda For Avid Bird Watchers! Nature Hikes & Resort Activities Drama Class BANG! 
BANG! So  Many Toys...
     So Little          Time!









We are committed to serving those people who want their pets kept clean and well-groomed in a parasite-free environment while being boarded. This facility is geared to providing individual attention, and we make no exceptions to this total care policy. To this end we boast the most experienced professional staff in
this area. Reservations are required and proof of current inoculations is an absolute must.














Since 1974







 Modern Facility 
    Infra-red Heat & Central AC Indoor / Outdoor Runs
 Individual, Spacious & Covered Security Fence  Private Cattery
 Individual Condos & Skylight 
  24 Hour XM Radio 

 Local Pet Shuttle 

 Licensed Veterinarians on Call 24 Hrs. 
  Service Provided By LaVale Veterinary Hospital AAHA  Licensed & Inspected By PA Dept. Of Agriculture

      Indoor/Outdoor Run Sizes Range From 
                    Large- 6x25 Ft 
                    Medium- 5x18 Ft                    Small- 5x15 Ft

These Spacious Areas Easily Accommodate Very Large Dogs And Multiple Occupancies For Family Pets Preferring To Be Housed Together.










Our Condos Offer Security With A Variety Of Vantage Points For Our Feline Guests Enabling Them To Observe Resort Activities & Interact With Staff And Other Guests. A Large Skylight Provides Natural Lighting All Day.







       Visitors Welcome!
      Tours & Hours
     By Appointment

The secret of a successful boarding experience is the inherent ability of a trained, caring staff to integrate pets into our “vacation pack.” Dogs understand and actually desire “pack life.” They adapt readily to life at Stonehaven for just a weekend visit or an extended stay. Our individual indoor/outdoors runs further insure a happy & relaxing stay for your dog.