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Rates, Required Vaccinations, Pet Shuttle, Office Hours Etc… Daily Boarding
Rates Effective: 4/1/16

All rates include Holistic food, treats, cat litter, etc.
Exception: pets requiring prescription or special diets
* Aged pets with special needs priced individually.


Small: under 15 lbs – $20.00
Medium: over 15 lbs. & under 50 lbs. – $22.00
Large & Extra Large: over 50 lbs & under 125 lbs. – $24.00
Giant: over 125 lbs. – $25.00


Cats: All sizes – $20.00


Additional Services

Complete Grooming Services – See Below
Flea & Tick Treatment Programs – Priced Individually

Administration of Medications and/or Supplements

1 to 2 Times Daily $1.00 per day
More Than Twice Daily $2.00 per day
Injections (Insulin or Allergy) $5.00 each
1 Time Medications (Heartworm, Dramamine, etc.) No Charge
Special Diets/ Irregular Feeding Times $1.00 per day
Walks or Individual Playtime (15 Min.) from $3.00 to $5.00 each


If more than one discount applies, the greater will be deducted.

As with hotels, the first day is charged regardless of check-in time.
The last day is not charged for check-out prior to 1:00 PM
Payment is required at time of service.
We accept Debit and Credit Cards!

Vaccination Requirements

Administered at least 1 week prior to boarding or grooming or
according to Veterinarian Recommendation.


*Distemper/Upper Respiratory Combination

The following, although not required, is recommended.
Exposure to other pets may be unavoidable.



*Distemper/ Parvo Combination
*Only veterinary documentation of vaccinations & health accepted.
*Pets exhibiting signs of flea & tick infestation will be treated upon arrival/check-in at Owner’s expense.
*These non-negotiable polices are for the protection of your pet.


Senior Citizens (Over 60) 10%
Stays Over 14 Days 10%
Stays Over 30 Days 15%
2 or More Pets Per Owner $1.00 off per pet per day
4 or More Pets Per Owner  $2.00 off per pet per day


*These discounts apply to boarding rates only.
*Only one discount is applicable per stay.
If more than one discount applies, the greater will be deducted.