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Our Staff


Brittney joined our staff in 2006 as a pet care technician. Part-time quickly became full-time. As well as a genuine love for animals and children, she has many talents and organizational skills, and is able to efficiently work all facets of this business. We rely on her abilities to help insure that our customers’ expectations and needs are carried out to the best of our ability. She quickly discovered that she had a real understanding of dog structure and a talent for grooming. Focusing on those talents, Britt has learned to groom several breeds to perfection. Her sense of humor even amuses the animals. Britt is also an EMT and volunteer firefighter in her spare time.



Brenda has been with us since early 2009. She grew up in the country and is comfortable with large and small animals. Before joining our staff she worked several years in customer service for a large retailer. Along with a sincere love for dogs and a desire to spend her time with animals, Brenda brought to us many years of experience as a volunteer working with shelter animals. She truly understands the special psychological needs of rescue dogs and cats. It is invaluable experience used daily in any situation where a pet must adapt to a new routine. Brenda also works in all areas of our business, from “mothering” our boarders to bathing day spa customers, and taking reservations.



Erica has been a team member here since 2011.  She is talented at handling all sizes of dogs, as is evidenced by her own dog, Manny who outweighs her by 75 pounds.  She is an amazing bather and is rapidly becoming an accomplished groomer.  We are thrilled to have her with us!